Lost Prophets

Band Members:

Ian Watkins (Vocals)

Lee Gaze (Guitar)

Mike Chiplin (Drummer)

Mike Lewis (Guitar)

Jamie Oliver (Keyboards\Vocals)

Stu Richardson (Bass)

Lost prophet first formed in 1997, emerging from a punk band called Public Disturbance, A group of guys who were tired of not hearing what they wanted on the music scene. They are from a small South Wales town called Pontypridd,

Too date Lost prophets have recorded 3 demos the first recorded in 1997, this was reviewed by Metal Hammer and given a 10/10, Their 2nd demo was recorded but was never released. The 3rd and their most current was recorded over 1999.

In February 2000 The band were signed by an independent record label Visible Noise. This then lead to the guys releasing their first album The Fake Sound of progress in the month of July.

In November 2001 The Fake sound of progress was remixed by Michael Barbiero who has also worked with other artists such as Whitney Huston, Mick Jagger, Simply Red, Metallica and Guns N' Roses.

In 2002 Lost Prophets spent a lot of time State side touring with some of the following bands Andrew WK and Quarashi but returning back to the UK for such events like Ozzfest.

Through much of 2003 the guys from Pontypridd were not seen much spending much of their time writing and recording for their new album Start Something, The concentration that they put into the album meant they had to pull out for both the Leeds and Reading music festivals.

Then November 2003 the single Burn Burn was released this made it to number 17 in the charts, Then February 2004 the 2nd single Last Train Home found its way up to number 8 in the charts, The same month their 2nd album Start something was released, This album was well worth the time and all the hard work that the six guys had put into their music over much of 2003.

What does the future hold for these six guys? Well on a personal note I have loved both their albums and wait with great anticipation for more of this great bands work, I have read rumours on the internet, that they are going to chill out in some big house in surrey for a couple of months, then go onto record their next album. This I am sorry to say will not be released until 2006. But on the plus side before the year is out they will have released a new single and tour dates.

Album Information:

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The Fake Sound of progress

Shinobi vs. dragon ninja

The fake sound of progress

Five is a four letter word

...and she told me to leave


The Handsome life of swing

A thousand apologies

Still laughing

For sure


Ode to Summer

Start Something

We still kill the old way

To hell we ride

Last Train Home

Make a move

Burn burn

I don't know

Hello Again

Goodbye tonight

Start Something

A million miles

Last summer

We are godzilla you are japan


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Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja

The Fake Sound Of Progress

Directions (Unreleased track)

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Burn Burn

Last Summer

Last Train Home behind the scenes

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Fake Sound of progress

Start Something